Day 27: The effect of a smile does not expire like a coupon.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 27.  April 21, 2011 
As I walked into Church’s Fried Chicken today I was greeted with a big smile from the cashier I had smiled at a week ago.  The look on her face said she was happy to see me.   

I was oozing with excitement to see her reaction because it proved last week’s application of the Dale Carnegie principles “stuck”.  She remembered I had smiled at her and that I took interest in getting to know her SEVEN days ago. 

Since we were on familiar terms—I asked how her baby is doing—if she’s able to sleep through the night, etc.  I decided to improve my skills and learn her name—“Esther” and also her baby’s name—“Melanie”.  I’m horrible with names—so to help me remember I asked her to spell her name.  I visualized the letters in my mind.  I made a mental note of the name “Melanie” by thinking of a Melanie I knew in school. 

Next week when I return to Church’s Fried Chicken I will be ready to call her by her first name and ask about her baby, Melanie. 

As I left we both smiled and wished each other a happy Easter. 

The Dale Carnegie principles I used are from How to Win Friends and Influence People
Principle 5.  Smile
Principle 7.  Be a good listener.  Encourage others to talk about themselves.

This story is a simple example of cause and effect.  People remember how you treat them.  So take positive actions—such as smiling or being a good listener instead of taking an indifferent, disinterested or even a negative approach.  You’ll be amazed how much more interesting even a simple visit to a fast food restaurant becomes.

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