Day 37. When you feel like a sack of bones… do this.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 37.  May 1, 2011
It was roughly 10 am – I dragged myself out of bed—there were particular muscles that wanted to greet me by being quite sore from yesterday’s 5K run.  It felt good to be sore—I consider it a badge of honor. 

Go, go, go!

After church I gobbled my lunch down – there was no sign of soup, pasta or bread after I was finished eating.  I even considered a light dessert—like a triple chocolate mousse cake. The other family members at lunch looked at me with shock.  I like to pretend I’m a hummingbird and I guess my metabolism plays along.

After lunch I ran some errands—which involved clothes shopping.  I wasn’t very interested in this task.

It was around this time I felt my system shutting down.  My head was hurting.  I felt completely drained.  My limbs felt like a sack of bones.  I wanted to collapse.  I know this feeling—I have ignored it in the past.  This feeling defies my perception of logic.  I got sleep the night before.  I ate well.  I haven’t been to the gym in awhile.  Yes, I ran a 5K but come on—I’m not a delicate flower.  I’m supposed to be a durable gym rat. 

I remembered one of Dale Carnegie’s principles I’ve been avoiding because there just isn’t enough time to incorporate it into my schedule.  I have a lot of things I need to get done today.  And today does not include that principle.  Besides what will I write about in today’s blog? 

Nap time

As I scraped myself out of the car and into my home after shopping—I decided to go straight to bed for a very long nap.
The Dale Carnegie principles I used today is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired. 
Protect your health and appearance by relaxing at home.

While my mind wanted to continue going like a hummingbird—physically, I was drained.  As hard as it is—I have to exercise balance. 

It’s not only ok, it’s necessary to remove yourself from everything around you and rest.  When you rest—you wake up refreshed and are able to approach the day with better focus and clarity.

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