Day 39. Wait a minute… wasn’t Monday Nag-Day? See how living in day-tight compartments really does work

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 39.  May 3, 2011
As I wrote in the  May 2nd blog post—my workday was full of irritating emails and silly people.  (See also the New Monday: Nag-Day) After work I went to the gym and did my usual workout routine.  I saw my buddy Esteban-the-Gym-Rat who is always a great storyteller weaving humor or lessons into his many tales. 

When I returned home from the gym I was tired but not exhausted and my mood was pleasant.  As I prepared for bed I prayed, “thank you for a great day God.”

Then I paused and chuckled… “wait a minute God.  I forgot I had a rough day—it was full of nagging people and email requests.” 

Somehow I managed to live in day-tight compartments and was able to sincerely thank God for a great day.  I was not the least bit worried about the mountain of work I had to get done or the additional nagging emails waiting for me on Tuesday.

The Dale Carnegie principle I lived in this story is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Live in “day-tight” compartments.

I know firsthand it’s a challenge not to let foolish people and frustrating circumstances get the best of you by invading your thoughts and energy long after the day is done.  But when you live in “day-tight” compartments—you will be able to put those irritations aside and enjoy the present moment.  I found happiness by exercising at the gym and talking to a friend.  By the time my day was done—all I had to dwell upon were the good moments in the day. The irritations seemed trivial and far, far away. 

Put irritations in a box on a shelf in your mind. (Or as this photo shows, an empty freezer)

Remember, put the frustrations of the day in a box on a shelf in your mind.  Find pleasure in the present moment.  When you do this you will end your day on a positive note.

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