Day 42. I forgot my most prized possession in Michigan but Dale Carnegie helped me avoid crying over spilt milk


365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 42.  Friday, May 6, 2011
I considered rewriting or substituting this entry but have decided to use Dale Carnegie’s principles from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.  The principle used in this entry is the series of questions highlighted below.  (Don’t worry this entry is unconventional but it will make sense when you read on)



Write out and answer the following questions:
A.    What is (are) the problem(s)?  I was careless and forgot my new laptop at my friend’s home in Michigan today and I am now inTexas.  My laptop has my blog entries from Friday and Saturday.  I was unable to post the entries over the weekend because I didn’t have Internet access. 

B.     What are the causes of the problem(s)?  I was so distracted by the happiness and awe of holding my first godchild today that I forgot to pack my laptop for my flight home. 

C.    What are the possible solutions? 
1.  I will focus on the joy of holding a baby instead of the carelessness of forgetting my laptop.
2.  I will have my friend mail my laptop on Monday. 
3.  My memory is good—I will simply rewrite the blogs from Friday and Saturday and post on Sunday night.
4.  I will write entirely new blogs for Friday and Saturday and post on Sunday.  I will reserve the original blogs for the Breadcrumbs and Doggie Bags section.
5.  I will find a way to make lemonade.

D.    What is the best possible solution(s)?
1.  I reflected on the wonderful feeling of holding a tiny baby.  There’s nothing quite like it!
2.  My friend will mail my laptop.  I have an old laptop at home that still works quite well.  I can use it in the meantime.
4.  I will write entirely new blogs for Friday and Saturday.  There’s no use in producing the same work twice.  I worked hard on the original entries when I typed them on Friday and Saturday night.  Besides, I like to write and I’m sure I can remember other material I can write about.
5.  I will not make lemonade.  I will make lemon meringue pie, lemon tarts, and lemon poppy seed bread.  Granted, it took quite a bit of effort to embrace reality but I eventually arrived at the conclusion that there was no use crying over spilt milk and it’s best to just move forward.

Remember, when you encounter disappointment or problem it may take effort, creativity and a little ingenuity but you can indeed get past the emotions, analyze the problem and come up with a better outlook and a solution to the problem.

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