Day 65. My choice in fingernail polish turns into opportunity to use a Dale Carnegie principle

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 65  Sunday, May 29, 2011
I decided to try something out of character today.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on—especially considering I probably won’t like the outcome.  But once an idea is planted in my head—it’s pretty much set in motion.

I decided this was no big deal.  Women do this all the time.  Granted, I have an important day at work on Tuesday—I need to present myself in a professional manner.  This action may contradict professionalism. On the other hand… I just turned 33—who cares what anyone thinks or says?

So I boldly went into the nail salon.  I told them I wanted a manicure.  But this time—not a French tip manicure.  I wanted color.  Not just any color.  I chose the darkest color I could find other than black.  “Eiffel for you” was the name of the color—a play on words “I fell for you”.  It was a very deep, dark purple…nearly black. 

I handed it to the manicurist and studied her reaction. The world didn’t come crashing to an end—which surprised me.  She did say it was dark but she didn’t try to talk me out of it. She applied the first coat and I was surprised I loved it.  She warned it would get darker with the second coat. 

Oh my!

Once she finished I had very striking painted fingernails that were screaming for attention.  Clearly the nail polish lives up to its name—because I absolutely fell for that color. 

So by now you’re thinking what Dale Carnegie principle could I have possibly exercised in this scenario?  From How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Don’t fuss about trifles.

Yes, it’s just a silly trip to the nail salon.  The color of fingernail polish isn’t exactly life threatening or a monumental decision that can produce catastrophes if the wrong color is chosen.  Yet for whatever reason I had always hesitated to experiment with color.  I figured it was childish—or unprofessional or whatever other adjective you can think of.  But it’s just fingernail polish!  And in the event that someone doesn’t like it… it doesn’t matter because I do.  The key is to not fuss about trifles. 

As I’ve demonstrated in my special way—I let a trifle take hold of me for too long.  Shame on me—yet it’s good that I finally decided enough is enough.  So learn from me—and take the first step towards not worrying about trifles.  Odds are your trifle isn’t as silly as fingernail polish—which means you’re already quite a few steps ahead of me!  So now there’s really no excuse for you to not take the steps towards overcoming your own trifles.  When you do this… you might discover something new about yourself.  In my case… I LOVE very deep, dark purple nail polish.

Housekeeping / Notes
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