Day 72. Frosties ignited a frosty reaction so I made lemonade….

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 72.  Sunday, June 5, 2011
I decided to do something unusual—I went to Wendy’s for dinner. 

There was a family sitting in the corner—they were the only customers.  They weren’t saying much.  Then the mother started to speak.  She explained that they may have to move.  That she’s worried about money… and this and that.  The two teenage boys sat quietly along with the gentleman that was with them.  She talked about maybe having to ride a bike to work because of the expenses. 

I sat quietly eating my hamburger and fries.  I said a prayer for them.  I really wanted a frosty.  And I thought—well, I wonder if I could swing buying these four strangers a frosty too?  It’s not that I was doing it because they were poor.  I just wanted to bring them a smile.

So I did.  They were getting up to leave and I said, I’d like you to have these frosties. 

The mother looked at me and said no.  They just had dessert. 

I’m not entirely sure they had dessert. 

I walked away dejected with four frosties. 

Perhaps it was my approach.  Perhaps it was the woman’s pride.  I will never know—and it really doesn’t matter. 

The Dale Carnegie principle I am currently using as I type this story is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Live in “day-tight compartments”.

While it is true that the execution of this scenario didn’t happen as I had hoped.  My heart was in a good place.  And if nothing else—the attempt at being kind to perfect strangers may still have had the effect I had hoped for.  I can’t and won’t spend my time worrying about it.  I’m pretty certain, my prayers for these perfect strangers before my frosty mishap will be beneficial. 

Remember, not everyone is receptive to your positive actions towards them—but don’t let them hamper your resolve. Continue to smile.  Continue to do your best.  Continue to live in day-tight compartments.  Make lemonade from frosties.  Make lemonade from each and every disappointment. 

Housekeeping / Notes:
Mark your calendar!  Wednesday’s blog will feature a guest blogger!  Yay!
The Day Old Bread and Doggie Bag Series has been updated.  My flight to California was cancelled.  What a great opportunity to employ the Dale Carnegie principles.

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