Day 118. I’m living la vida loca… I’m going to live in a day-tight compartment ALL weekend.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 118. Friday, July 21, 2011

All I could think about today was it’s Friday… I get to play on my new blog after work! Yay!

So this evening I fumbled through trying to figure out how to log in to my new blog.

Information Overload

I’m still not entirely sure which blog people are reading—the old or new. I’m loading content to both as a precaution. My techie friend tried to explain something about DNS and propagation… I dunno. All I know is that a friend clear across the planet effortlessly went to my new site—while I can’t seem to get on locally.

Everything is new. Everything has changed. I am completely, unutterably lost in cyberspace with widgets, templates, site analytics, RSS feeds, Face book links and who knows what else. I miss my old home—my trusty blog with very limited features. To make matters worse I made the mistake of updating my internet Explorer last night. I can’t even surf the Internet the same way—there are extra buttons and toolbars to weed out.

All I really want to do is write, photograph, post my work on a blog and hope someone reads it. Now I think I need a degree in Blog Management. As I told my friend Bellmont—I feel like a turtle that is spinning upside down.

I think there will be recurring Dale Carnegie themes used this weekend from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Live in day-tight compartments.
Cooperate with the inevitable.

I want EVERYTHING set up NOW. But clearly I’m going to have to sit tight and accept my blog will be under construction for awhile until I can figure out all the features. I have to minimize the frustration and information overload by taking my time in setting up the pages and learning the features.  And let’s be practical—this is all self-induced stressed. This is just a silly little blog.

So my lesson to you—take a deep breath when you feel like there’s information overload. Do your best to work through a task systematically rather than scatter your attention in a disorganized manner. By focusing your energy you’ll be able to see steady progress and this success will give you the motivation you need to continue to chip away at the task. Before you know it—the task will be complete and you will have gained new experience and knowledge in the process.

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