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Coming Soon! Day 106. What to do when vines feel like they are choking you Day 105. The geckos made me do it
Day 104. Tiny geckos are not going to steal my peace Day 103. A new twist on the saying – when life hands you lemons, make lemonade
Day 102.  The Smiling Daffodil almost went up in flames until she employed
some Dale Carnegie principles
Day 101. I decided to grab the bull by the horns– I accepted responsibility and
I lived in a day-tight compartment
Day 100.  I visited a friend who would have been 103 years old this year Day 99. This is not the McDonald’s from your childhood
Day 98. As long as I bring a smile I bet I can get away with dressing like this
Day 97. A method you can implement to help you count your
blessings not your troubles
Day 96. Is your day on the fast track for crummy? Try this approach.
Day 95. My approach to dealing with a broken iPhone required using Dale
Carnegie principles
Day 94. I was enthusiastic over a hotdog Day 93. A trip to Starbucks reminded me to dust off some old Dale Carnegie
Day 92. Step one– get all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Step
two repeat step one.
Day 91. He did not judge a book by its cover and it paid off Day 90. This story almost had an unhappy ending until I figured out how to
make lemonade from lemons
Day 89. San Quentin, rotting fish and Dale Carnegie’s principle, “don’t
fuss about trifles.”
Day 88. Let the other person save face Day 87. I didn’t have to work hard to make lemonade- the law of averages served
me well
Day 86. In retrospect my gift was more like a macaroni art project Day 85. Put your heart into a task and you’ll benefit from the outcome Day 84. I make lemonade for a living
Day 83. My eyes betrayed me Day 82. I had 8 blog topics to choose from… so what happened? Day 81. If what they say is true then better live up to their expectations
Day 80. My interpretation of Dale Carnegie’s principle: Do the very best you can Day 79. It was 3 am and I destroyed my blog page Day 78. Baby bibs brought me a smile.
Day 77. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes… Day 76. How to transform a day from crummy to yummy. Day 75. I used Dale Carnegie’s principles by baking cookies…
Day 74. I messed up by not using Dale Carnegie’s principles when talking with “Gasoline with Match Lady” Day 73. Wow! My friend “Batman” used Dale Carnegie’s principles to help the Smiling Daffodil Day 72. Frosties ignited a frosty reaction so I made lemonade…
Day 71. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would say, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more” Day 70. A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is the perfect setting
for using Dale Carnegie’s principles
Day 69. I applied one of the more challenging Dale Carnegie principles today…
Day 68. Learning how to make lemonade can help you become a better leader. Day 67. The Dale Carnegie principles backfired on me. I had a different blog planned for today… Day 66. Sincere appreciation is the spice of life. For best results, sprinkle it often and liberally.

Day 65. My choice in fingernail polish turns into opportunity to use a Dale Carnegie principle Day 64. It has taken me longer than 64 days to figure this one out. Day 63. Place your bets now: A short-term loss will pay off on
Tuesday and beyond.

Day 62. I found an out of the box way to make someone smile and you can too! Day 61. Dale Carnegie’s principles prevent road rage. Day 60. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Get all the facts first!


Day 59. When you feel overwhelmed, consider your surroundings

Day 58. Take the time to enjoy the seaweed… an application of Dale Carnegie’s principles

Day 57. How Dale Carnegie helped me see the forest for the stitches… err trees…


Day 56. How I let art supplies occupy too much of my time and what I did about it…

Day 55. A trip to a fabric store uncovered the perfect opportunity to use Dale Carnegie’s principles

Day 54. If Dale Carnegie was watching “The Smiling Daffodil tv program from heaven… odds are he’d be smiling.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 53. My dog did not eat my homework. I was simply using a Dale Carnegie principles…. Day 52. It takes talent to be disappointed with a continuous series of green lights during a Monday morning commute Day 51. I fell off the wagon but the important thing is I got back on my horse…err treadmill

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles


Day 50. You might not agree with the decision…but it was the right choice for my sanity.

Day 49. A head-on approach to dealing with stress using Dale Carnegie’s principles

Day 48. Dale Carnegie’s principles can be applied on good days too! Wow!

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles


Day 47. The pen that broke the camel’s back

Day 46. Trying to reform my ways as the poster child for negativity

Day 45. Abraham Lincoln kept me from getting into a fight via email.


Day 44. Dale Carnegie’s principles helped me find my missing car.

Day 43. Twinkies on an ordinary day are meaningless to me but not on this day.

Day 42. I forgot my most prized possession in Michigan but Dale Carnegie helped me avoid crying over spilt milk.


Day 41. Someone used a Dale Carnegie principle on me… and it worked!

Day 40. How to get someone to open your email.

Day 39. Wait a minute… wasn’t Monday Nag-Day? See how living in day-tight compartments really does work.


Day 38. Learn to delegate and you too can go home on time!

Day 37. When you feel like a sack of bones… do this.

Day 36. How Dale Carnegie made today’s 5K run more interesting.


Day 35. I found a way to apply a Dale Carnegie principle by cleaning the bathroom

Day 34. Living the Dale Carnegie principles leads to meals better than SPAM

Day 33. Part 2. Use Dale Carnegie Principles to recover from feeling like an idiot.


Day 33. The only reason I woke up today… my boss called me…Guess what Dale Carnegie principles I managed to use today!

Day 32. The Dale Carnegie Principles kept me from getting into fight with the President of the Homeowner’s Association Part 2 of the Lassie Story

Day 31. Dale Carnegie’s principles gave me courage to save Lassie’s relative. Part 1.


Day 30. Create happiness for others… with a smile, your time and cookies!

Day 29. It turns out the Dale Carnegie principles work in social settings where you don’t speak the language.

Day 28. Phone call from random woman turns into great opportunity.


Day 27. The effect of a smile does not expire like a coupon.

Day 26. Avoid egg on the face. Use Dale Carnegie’s Principles.

Day 25. Fight for your happiness.


Day 24. Use humor as your weapon of choice when the day greets you with disappointment.

Day 23. Steps you can take to help someone help themselves.

Day 22. Let the other person save face.


Day 21. Do you know someone that seems to live just to frustrate you? Try this approach.

Day 20. Ordering a chicken strip combo meal turned into an ideal opportunity to use the Dale Carnegie principles.

Day 19. Learn a proven method for dealing with a grumpy ill-mannered woman


Day 18. How Dale Carnegie helped me sell my first photograph

Day 17. Starbucks on NW Highway in Dallas uses Dale Carnegie principles.

Day 16. A trip to the nail salon is a great place to apply the Dale Carnegie principles.


Day 15. Try this approach when your hair gets bushwacked by enormous scissors

Day 14. Try this approach when you’re tempted to bite someone’s head off just because it’s the morning.

Day 13. Get all the facts before you abandon your houseplants.


Day 12. A different kind of family reunion.

Day 11. A fork in the road.

Day 10. Weather forecast for Monday: Storms


Day 9. Electric towers, bluebonnets and creating happiness

Day 8. Ode to the rotting fish and my name sure sounds sweet to the ear…

Day 7. Perspective


Day 6. How Dale Carnegie helped me to ice skate

Day 5. Enthusiasm

Day 4. Live in “day-tight” compartments


3. Be a good listener!

Day 2. Smile!

Day 1 of 365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day Old Bread and Doggie Bag Series

Bonus stories that are too good to pass up!

Breadcrumbs & Doggie Bags Series

The New Monday: Nag-Day!


A smile was my ticket to California


Guest Blog Posts

– All are invited to be a guest blogger! It’s a great way to test whether the Dale Carnegie principles work.
– Plus you get to be part of the best blog in town.
– No writing skills are required.
– All you need is a sincere desire to put a Dale Carnegie principle into practice.

Don’t take my word for it. Test it yourself

Guest Blogger Esteban helps his daughter make lemonade


Guest blogger Elijah found an opportunity to use a Dale Carnegie principle while at a stop sign



Guest blogger Bingham shares tips for dealing with a near meltdown of an entire


Doh! Post a comment if I happened to mess up a link. Thank you!

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