Day 50. You might not agree with the decision…but it was the right choice for my sanity.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 50.  Saturday, May 14, 2011
I discovered an unusual house guest about a year ago.  I thought he’d be the perfect addition to the garage.  We got along well—he was pretty low key—I barely saw him around.  I called him “George”. 

But a week ago, I noticed “George” was really making himself at home.  There was “Georgette” and “Georgene” –an entire family… of geckos.  All three of them were looking at me as I reversed the car from the garage.

I was fine with one gecko. Not a family.  And when I saw one gecko coming out of the wall in the garage… well, that was the last straw.  I imagined ending up on an episode of Animal Hoarders—where homeowners are overrun by pets, pests and other critters—and their homes end up condemned by the city.  “Oh, the homeowner’s association won’t like this,” I thought to myself. 

I had a particularly difficult time sleeping that night wondering if I’d wake up covered in geckos.  (Yes, I do have a vivid imagination.)  I did my best to apply Dale Carnegie’s principles for dealing with worry. 

I gave the geckos an ultimatum—either move out by Saturday or die. 

Well—today is Saturday.  I found all sorts of other activities to do instead of clean the garage and “deal with the gecko situation.”  As I walked through the garage I spotted one of the critters crawling about.  I decided to embrace Dale Carnegie’s principle:  “once a decision is reached, act”.   

And thus began the War on Geckos.

It was relatively easy to “deal” with the gecko I found… although if you ask the neighbors they may report a very loud scream….which could have easily been mistaken for a battle cry.

Gecko Eggs

I carefully removed a pile of bricks where I suspected the rest of the family might be living.  That’s when I spotted a pile of eggs.  I moved more bricks.  More eggs.

I swept everything up and am happy to report order is restored.  I followed up by doing a simple Google search on these critters.  Apparently—people breed them—and many people do consider them welcomed guests because they eat other insects that lurk in a garage.  But I am of the opinion that too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  There must be balance.

If you missed it—the Dale Carnegie principle I used is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Once a decision is reached, act!

I made the decision to clean the garage on Saturday and I knew I must follow through.  Once I began the process I not only took pride in seeing the clean garage but also in knowing I followed through on a decision I made on Monday. 

And just to clarify—these things were not living in my house—just the garage.  Whew!

So remember, it’s great to decide to do something.  It’s even better when you follow through with action.  When you take this approach you’ll be amazed by the sense of accomplishment you feel.  And moving forward you’ll approach the next decision and act on it with even more confidence because you’ve had success in the past.  The decision doesn’t have to be earth shattering—it can be as simple as cleaning a garage. 

Housekeeping / Notes
I got off on my number of days on my blog somehow and realized that today is an important day.  I reached the big 50!  Thank you everyone for your support in helping me reach Day 50 of my 365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie principles.  I meant to celebrate with a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino– but would you believe– the geckos distracted me.

On a fun note– to help celebrate the big  “FIVE-O” I created a special page on the blog that shows a pictorial view of each blog entry– I call the page:  Attn. Non-readers.   Sometimes eye-candy is more fun than reading.  On the other hand… you might discover something might just be worth a click.