Day 107. Superman made me use this Dale Carnegie principle. Grumble.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 107.  Monday, July 11, 2011
I had a different blog planned for today. 

But as I was driving home—I felt my system shutting down.  You know that feeling when your head just wants to crash on a pillow?  That was me. 

I made it home.  I ate more than usual… 4 burritos… and a 1/3 of a Hershey bar.  I didn’t feel stuffed.  I felt a bit better.  Just physically drained. 

I think the moral of this very short blog—rest before you get tired… otherwise your system will find a way to shut down for you.  My head and shoulders are aching.  My eyes sockets hurt. 

Brownies didn't turn out 😦

I called a friend asking him if I was dying.  He said I was just tired and need to go to bed. I argued back—I’m baking brownies.  And I haven’t done my blog.

He said shut everything off and go to bed now.

I negotiated with him saying how about I go to sleep at 11 pm.

The Dale Carnegie principle I remain reluctant to use is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired.

Grumble.  Admittedly I am not superwoman.  I am not a robot either.  The stress of geckos, a home inspection by the exterminator on Tuesday, chaos at work and my bazaar late night schedule of writing blogs is catching up to me.  Learn from me—rest before you get tired—because the feeling I am experiencing at the moment just isn’t worth it.

And an interesting side note— it’s best not to bake when you are tired.  My brownies did not turn out this evening.  😉

Good night everyone.  Grumble. If there are typos… blame “Superman.”

Day 82. I had 8 blog topics to choose from… so what happened?

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

 Day 82.  Wednesday, June 15, 2011
This day was jam packed with opportunities to use Dale Carnegie principles. I had so much blog material I made notes throughout the day so I wouldn’t forget. I even bragged to my friend at work that I can’t keep up with production—business is booming with too many blogs to write.  By the end of the day I had eight blog topics to choose from—a new world record.  (Usually I have at least two stories to choose from)

Surprisingly, as I sat to write earlier this evening I was struggling.  I wrote two drafts just for one of the blog topics and neither draft was any good.  Too much chatter and details—you’d fall asleep with what I wrote! 

How can I have eight fabulous topics and not be able to write them well? That’s when I realized the problem.  It’s that pesky principle from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired.

For once I was not worried about topics when I sat down to write.  Yet—my mind just couldn’t come up with anything coherent—despite having lived the day’s events. (it might have something to do with the fact that I was up until 3 am on Wednesday)

I have to keep reminding myself that rest is important—otherwise my efforts become futile.  This is not an easy task for me!  Even now as I type this I see it as a fake blog.  Yes, it’s 3:30 am.  But in my mind I can and should just dig my heels in deep and figure out how to write the best blog from the 8 topics I came up with.  Yet, I am also aware that I did try… and it didn’t work.   GRRRRRRR!

So remember, work actually does become easier with the proper amount of rest—both physical and mental rest.  Odds are I will struggle with this one for the entire duration of the blog….

I was discussing this challenge with a friend we will call the Tofu Fairy.  He said something very brave and very true about me.  I am stubborn.  Let’s hope that I can figure out how to harness my stubbornness in such a way that I do rest before I get tired and not feel like I have to apologize for it.

Day 79. It was 3 am and I destroyed my blog page….

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles 

Day 79.  Sunday, June 12, 2011
I thought I could easily update a page on my blog last night.  I’m not the most proficient with html coding but I can manage adequately for my needs… so I thought.

When I looked at the clock it was 3 am.  I had completely messed up an important page on my blog and despite all my efforts the page kept getting worse.  I was completely frustrated and baffled because the code wasn’t working in a logical manner.  I closed my laptop and went to bed.

Going to bed after 3 am is not the brightest thing to do—especially when you have to get up early.  I was pretty crabby and my head wasn’t feeling so well.  I felt absolutely drained. So I decided this was the perfect excuse for a nap.  A couple hours later I woke up refreshed with a clearer head. 

I sat down to tackle the monumental task of fixing my destroyed blog page.  I wasn’t looking forward to it—I anticipated more frustration. 

Surprisingly… I quickly found a solution that should have been obvious to me last night/this morning.  I quickly made the edits, tested the page and voila—my blog page is fixed.

The Dale Carnegie principle I eventually used is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired.

Sometimes it’s best to step away from a problem and rest your mind before trying to figure out a solution.  When you take this approach you’ll discover it’s a lot easier to find solution.

Housekeeping / Notes
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Day 69. I applied one of the more challenging Dale Carnegie principles today…

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 69.  Thursday, June 2, 2011
I stayed up pretty late Wednesday night.  There was a family dinner, my baking marathon, the gym, the blog, then some sleep.  I was proud of myself—I was able to swing everything. 

I even managed to get to work on time today. 

But then the day pretty much became a blur after that.  I was not focused.  Coworkers were talking to me but frankly I don’t remember what they were telling me.  I had no interest in anything.  I continued to work—but it was like pulling teeth trying to find my creativity.  On the drive home I couldn’t even think of a blog topic because I couldn’t remember anything about the day’s events.

When I got home I noticed I have a living room.  I haven’t been in my living room in a long time.  I decided to turn on the television and sit in my comfy side chair.  Two hours later, I discovered I was slumped over in my chair… I had fallen asleep. 

I felt like a new person after the nap.  My thoughts weren’t jumbled up. 

With rest I was able to focus on details, like smiling!

I had enough energy to go to the gym.  I finished my workout and noticed one of the regular “gym rats” was there.  We both smiled and nodded at each other.  It’s doubtful I would have been aware of him—much less smiled at him had I not rested earlier.  

It will probably take me more than 365 days to really get into the habit of practicing Dale Carnegie’s principle from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired.

I think we all owe it to ourselves to rest.  When we rest we are better equipped to do our best.  We’re able to give others our attention and we are more productive.  We are able to focus on details as well as the bigger picture.

My big challenge for Friday:  I hope to take a half day off to make up for working on Memorial Day.  Place your bets now.  As I said, it will take a long time before I can fully adopt this principle.  Even the Smiling Daffodil defies logic at times….

Housekeeping / Notes:
Thank you for reading my blog!  I am touched to see that it’s being read.  It motivates me to give you my best.
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Day 53. My dog did not eat my homework. I was simply using a Dale Carnegie principle….

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 53.  Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Despite getting 4 ½ hours of sleep I had the perfect Tuesday. I was convinced I was invincible.  I can operate with little sleep, I can be productive at work, I can convince others of my perspective AND I haven’t blown a fuse with anyone at work.  Life is good.

When I sat down on Tuesday night—I labored on the blog entry.  To be specific… I fell asleep while writing it.  For 52 days the words have come out so easily but Day 53 the well was dry.  I had TONS to say but the words weren’t coming out right.  When I woke up from my “cat nap” in the living room I considered my options:

Option 1.  My blog must get posted now. 
Option 2.  I’m really exhausted and need sleep right now.

Reluctantly, I shuffled into bed.  My last thoughts as I rested my head on my pillow were a jumble of words for my precious blog.

When I woke up this morning I felt something strange.  I was well rested.  My head didn’t have that zombie-like feeling like the night before. 

There is a Dale Carnegie principle I don’t often apply from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.  I avoid it—to be exact.  But I have proven through my missteps that it is an important one:
Rest before you get tired.

It turns out… grumble… that I’m not a machine.  Double Grumble.  I had an entirely different blog written and I could have dug my heels in deep and found the energy to post it.  However, it was taking an incredible amount of effort to do this—simply because I was exhausted.  Perhaps you, my readers would have been satisfied with the blog—but in my heart of hearts I know it wasn’t my best because I was drained.

What I have proven and I hope you see—it’s not only ok to let yourself rest—it’s vital.  If you don’t rest—it does catch up to you—you might lash out—you might not produce your best, you might have that zombie-like feeling I experienced.  It doesn’t diminish you as a person for needing rest.  It simply proves you’re human.  This is where I can’t resist ending with… GRUMBLE.  Ha.

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Day 37. When you feel like a sack of bones… do this.

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 37.  May 1, 2011
It was roughly 10 am – I dragged myself out of bed—there were particular muscles that wanted to greet me by being quite sore from yesterday’s 5K run.  It felt good to be sore—I consider it a badge of honor. 

Go, go, go!

After church I gobbled my lunch down – there was no sign of soup, pasta or bread after I was finished eating.  I even considered a light dessert—like a triple chocolate mousse cake. The other family members at lunch looked at me with shock.  I like to pretend I’m a hummingbird and I guess my metabolism plays along.

After lunch I ran some errands—which involved clothes shopping.  I wasn’t very interested in this task.

It was around this time I felt my system shutting down.  My head was hurting.  I felt completely drained.  My limbs felt like a sack of bones.  I wanted to collapse.  I know this feeling—I have ignored it in the past.  This feeling defies my perception of logic.  I got sleep the night before.  I ate well.  I haven’t been to the gym in awhile.  Yes, I ran a 5K but come on—I’m not a delicate flower.  I’m supposed to be a durable gym rat. 

I remembered one of Dale Carnegie’s principles I’ve been avoiding because there just isn’t enough time to incorporate it into my schedule.  I have a lot of things I need to get done today.  And today does not include that principle.  Besides what will I write about in today’s blog? 

Nap time

As I scraped myself out of the car and into my home after shopping—I decided to go straight to bed for a very long nap.
The Dale Carnegie principles I used today is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired. 
Protect your health and appearance by relaxing at home.

While my mind wanted to continue going like a hummingbird—physically, I was drained.  As hard as it is—I have to exercise balance. 

It’s not only ok, it’s necessary to remove yourself from everything around you and rest.  When you rest—you wake up refreshed and are able to approach the day with better focus and clarity.

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