The new Monday: Nag-Day

Day Old Bread and Doggie Bag Series

There’s no use concealing the truth—I have a particular weakness when it involves dealing with people.  There are some people, some circumstances that are guaranteed to drive me bonkers.  It’s a fact.

Since I have taken the Dale Carnegie course, I learned people around me are not going to change.  So I must focus on changing myself.  This is a monumental task when you combine absurd people and their behaviors with Mondays and me. 

I am convinced everyone waits until Monday to send me their laundry list of complaints via email:

Lexie’s email: 
Hi Smiling Daffodil, I don’t mean to bother you but I have the following questions and requests.  Also, you sent me the wrong product and your website isn’t up to date.  No hurry… just when you get a chance….

Henry’s email:
Hi Smiling Daffodil, you have the following typos in your newly released product. 

George’s email:
Hi Smiling Daffodil, the marketing materials you created need a lot of work.  I can’t help you on this task until next week.

Bertha’s email:
Hi Smiling Daffodil, when you get a chance, I need information to access the server files.

Kendra’s email:
Smiling Daffodil, it’s great that you got Task A finished.  But my client has been waiting months for you get Task C done.  When will you get to this task?  For your convenience my first email requests to you are below.  You’ll notice I clearly asked you to get this task done MONTHS ago… blah blah blah….

These are just the highlights from today!
I wanted to run away.  I opened my handy book, “Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book.”  In desperation I thumbed through the pages trying to find a principle that clicked in my head.

I decided to take drastic measures.  I left the building and went for a second trip to Starbucks.  On the way I listened to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People on CD. 

I sat in the Starbucks parking lot, munching down on a chocolate pastry, listening to Dale Carnegie’s book.   I took a deep breath.  I said a prayer and drove back to work.

I returned to the office.  The same emails were waiting for me.  But this time I did my best to approach them from a perspective other than my own.  Each of the individuals who sent me an email meant well—their intentions were good.  They have valid questions and concerns.  I did my best to see things from their perspectives.  This was not easy—but taking this approach reminded me that the irritating people are indeed human. From their perspectives their concerns are the most important concerns and therefore should be my top concerns….

The Dale Carnegie principles I used from How to Win Friends and Influence People:
Principle 18.  Be sympathetic with the other person’s ideas and desires.

From How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Do the very best you can.
Learn to relax at your work.

There will always be irritating people in your life—and it may even appear they coordinate efforts to snowball you on the same day.  When this happens—take a deep breath—you might even remove yourself from the setting by getting coffee or a snack.  See things from the perspectives of the irritating people.  This helps you approach their requests with civility and courtesy.    When you take this approach you focus on getting tasks complete with professionalism.

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