Day 59. When you feel overwhelmed, consider your surroundings

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 59.  Monday, May 23, 2011
Having arrived at 2 am from my trip on Monday morning, I opted to go into the office a little late today. 

Despite getting rest I was stressed all day.  I learned new techniques from the art conference I just returned from and I had so many different projects I wanted to test them on—that my day was rather unproductive.

My desk was messier than usual with all the new supplies and materials I brought from the convention.  At the end of my “half day” at work—I felt very unproductive and wondered why I went to the office.

Then I came home and continued to feel overwhelmed.  I realized the problem.  My suitcase needed unpacking. I had a load of laundry to run.  I needed to unload the dishwasher.  I had a stack of mail to go through.  I needed to sweep the kitchen. 

Time to clean!

Once I took care of these and a various other tasks this evening, I didn’t feel so overwhelmed anymore.

I adapted Dale Carnegie’s principle from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Clear your desk of all papers except those relating to the immediate problem at hand.

When you start feeling overwhelmed, look at your surroundings and consider the possibility that the excessive clutter and disorganization may be the cause of the unnecessary stress.  Then take the important step of cleaning.  You’ll be amazed how good the results feel.

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