Day 48. Dale Carnegie’s principles can be applied on good days too! Wow!

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 48.  Thursday, May 12, 2011
It was 3:03 pm CST.  I was in my coworker’s office when it happened.  The bell rang in the warehouse.  Fortunately, I dressed appropriately for work today—jeans, a t-shirt, and some good running shoes. 

I made a mad dash to my office to grab my camera.  I’ve been especially trigger happy and today of all days must be documented. 

With camera safely around my neck, I raced into the warehouse… just in time to meet the UPS man. 

Behold…. my box!  Not just any box.  The box I’ve been longing for all week long.  The box that contains my precious laptop that I carelessly forgot in Michigan. 

Happiness delivered by the UPS man

I greeted the UPS man with a big stupid grin.  I snapped a quick photo of my box.  Then raced back to my coworker’s office where we safely unwrapped the precious cargo.

After reacquainting myself with my laptop I gave my coworker a puzzled look.  “What am I going to write about in today’s blog?  I’ve had a good day.” 

We both looked at each other—then at my laptop. 

Then my next concern became—“what photo would capture the relief and happiness of this moment?”

I left work a little earlier than usual and headed for home still pondering the perfect photo for my blog. What captures the essence of my happiness today?

Take the time to appreciate the little things

It didn’t take long before I noticed the sky.  The sky looked the way I felt.  It looked like it was rejoicing with me.  My long lost laptop reunited at last.

There were rays of light peering through the unusual arrangement of clouds—with shades of pink and blue scattered about.  It was so beautiful it was ridiculous. 

What normally takes an hour to get home probably took two hours.  I kept driving but then I’d notice the sky. I’d take a detour to get a better glimpse then I’d have to find a safe place to park to snap photos.  By the time I got home it was dark—but what a great way to spend an evening.  Me, my laptop and a beautiful sunset.

The Dale Carnegie principle I used today is from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Count your blessings – not your troubles.
Put enthusiasm into your work.

You see—I could have spent my day worrying about all the work I have to complete by next week and the fact that half the company will be out of town and unavailable to help me.  Instead I focused on the blessings of this day—the return of my laptop.  I am certain I will get all my work complete – I’m just not going to spend all my time worrying about it.  Instead I will focus on being enthusiastic and positive about the simple things in life. 

So remember—look for the blessings that come your way each day.  Blessings might come in unexpected forms—like the safe return of something lost or the beauty of a sunset.  Taking this approach changes your outlook in a positive way.  You are able to spend your time more productively and you’ll be amazed by how much energy you have.

Read Day 42 where I discuss the reason I forgot my laptop.

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