Day 69. I applied one of the more challenging Dale Carnegie principles today…

365 Days of Living the Dale Carnegie Principles

Day 69.  Thursday, June 2, 2011
I stayed up pretty late Wednesday night.  There was a family dinner, my baking marathon, the gym, the blog, then some sleep.  I was proud of myself—I was able to swing everything. 

I even managed to get to work on time today. 

But then the day pretty much became a blur after that.  I was not focused.  Coworkers were talking to me but frankly I don’t remember what they were telling me.  I had no interest in anything.  I continued to work—but it was like pulling teeth trying to find my creativity.  On the drive home I couldn’t even think of a blog topic because I couldn’t remember anything about the day’s events.

When I got home I noticed I have a living room.  I haven’t been in my living room in a long time.  I decided to turn on the television and sit in my comfy side chair.  Two hours later, I discovered I was slumped over in my chair… I had fallen asleep. 

I felt like a new person after the nap.  My thoughts weren’t jumbled up. 

With rest I was able to focus on details, like smiling!

I had enough energy to go to the gym.  I finished my workout and noticed one of the regular “gym rats” was there.  We both smiled and nodded at each other.  It’s doubtful I would have been aware of him—much less smiled at him had I not rested earlier.  

It will probably take me more than 365 days to really get into the habit of practicing Dale Carnegie’s principle from How to Stop Worrying and Start Living:
Rest before you get tired.

I think we all owe it to ourselves to rest.  When we rest we are better equipped to do our best.  We’re able to give others our attention and we are more productive.  We are able to focus on details as well as the bigger picture.

My big challenge for Friday:  I hope to take a half day off to make up for working on Memorial Day.  Place your bets now.  As I said, it will take a long time before I can fully adopt this principle.  Even the Smiling Daffodil defies logic at times….

Housekeeping / Notes:
Thank you for reading my blog!  I am touched to see that it’s being read.  It motivates me to give you my best.
Mark your calendar!  This weekend I’ll be adding some bonus blog material to the Day Old Bread and Doggie Bags section of the blog.

3 thoughts on “Day 69. I applied one of the more challenging Dale Carnegie principles today…

  1. LittleBaird– I now can appreciate the discipline you have– not merely to get up before the crack of dawn– but to go to bed at a reasonable
    time. 🙂

  2. I felt like LittleBaird a few days ago…I was in bed LONG before I had planned and woke up even before my alarm which is always a good feeling. 🙂

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